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Westview Grad Night 2018

A fun, safe and secure alternative celebration for our graduating seniors.

About Westview Grad Night

What is Grad Night?

Grad Night parties began in the mid-eighties as statistics were proving that Graduation Night is potentially the most dangerous night of a high school student's life. In years past, it was traditional for students to graduate and then go out to party and drink all night.  Many deaths have been associated with this activity, a fact which most of us know too well.  Parents joined together to provide celebrations that would allow students to be together one last time as a class in an environment that was alcohol and substance free.

The parents of the Class of 2018 are carrying on a Westview tradition to provide our students with just such a fun Grad Night party. Needless to say, this party is much anticipated by the Seniors, since this party will most likely be the last time they will be with many of their classmates. The celebration begins with the Seniors arriving at Westview later in the evening after graduation to board buses that transport all students to a facility reserved just for them. There will be games, music, food and other festivities all through the night. Once at the location, students will not be allowed to leave the premises until their return to Westview about 4:45 am.

Neither the high school staff nor the administration sponsors the party -- this will be done solely by the Senior parents. It involves a great deal of work, and we greatly appreciate all the time, effort, and contributions from the many Senior parents who are able to be involved.

Many parents are involved in organizing and fund raising (it costs money for facility rental and activity providers). The Grad Night Committee will need to raise over $60,000.00 in order to put on this event. It is with the help of parents that we arrange for events at the party, maintain this web site, chaperone the party, and much more.

If you would like to join the fun and help provide this safe, creative party for your WHS senior, please check out some of the volunteer opportunities we need help with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tickets can be purchased via Square and on the Fundraising Page, or by mail:
Westview Grad Night 2018
3300 NW 185th PNB #245
Portland, OR 97229
Please note that your senior will NOT actually be issued a ticket, but will only need student ID for check-in.

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