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Westview Grad Night 2017

A fun, safe and secure alternative celebration for our graduating seniors.

Welcome parents, friends, and graduating seniors!

The parents of the class of 2017 are carrying on a Westview Wildcats’ tradition by providing our students with an exciting and safe all-night celebration of their graduation. This all-night party allows for the making of many great memories. It is a safe and fun evening filled with friends, food, games, and prizes.

Party Date: Saturday, June 10, 2017
8:00pm - 4:30am*

*Start time subject to change as we get closer to the event

Ticket Prices

Tickets are $80 October through December and $100 starting in January.

Tickets can be purchased online via Square or by mail.

It will also be sold during both lunches on the following Thursdays:
      Nov   17
      Dec   15
      Feb   9
      Mar   9
      Apr   13
      May   4, 18 & 30
LAST CHANCE: After the Senior Assembly

*** Tickets will NOT be available the night of the party. ***

Download the Ticket Order Form and Waiver
for details to purchase admission.
Your cancelled check is your proof of payment.
Student's ID is their admission ticket.

Check out some of the prizes that have been given in past years!

Planning Meetings

Location:       Westview Counseling Office,
      when school is in session
Time:       7:00 pm

Nov 9th *
Dec 14th *
Jan 11th *
Feb 8th *
Mar 8th *
Apr 12th *

*Falls on second Wednesday of the month
**Will have more meetings in the month of May

Senior Apparel

Senior apparel is available now, all proceeds from sales of Senior Apparel benefit Westview Grad Night. T-shirts and Sweatshirts are available for both seniors and parents!

Orders are due September 8th
Use this order form.
Or purchase online via Square

Dine-Out Nights are coming

Come support GradNight at Chipotle!!!!
Join us on MLK Day!!!!!
It's a big one, we get 50% with the flyer
When: Monday, Jan. 16th 12pm-8pm
Where: 13535 NW Cornell Rd.
Please bring the flyer. -->

Graduation Memory Frame

Graduation Memory Frame

Please check out the Fundraising page for
our Graduation Memory Frame offer!
Use this order form.

Volunteering Opportunities

Please sign up to help during our
Grad Night Party. Check out
the volunteer page for more detail.

Facebook page not created yet, let us know if you would like to volunteer to run this.

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Updates on school and graduation activities

If you have any questions,
please email or contact:

Grad Night 2017
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